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The sound of breaking glass. Shouting. I run downstairs. There's a strange man in our living room. So there is a world outside here? I reach for him, then...My skin darkens, and I don't have to look down to know I've changed again. He hears me, swings his flashlight over just as I jump back, but he still catches me in the light. He pulls out something, then, suddenly, my parents are in front of me, hiding me from view. Mom pushes me out of the way, and I land on the stairs. The thing he was holding flashes once, twice, and my parents seem to fold in on themselves, falling to the floor. He runs as I move forward, touching their faces and pleading with them to get up, say it's okay. But they don't. They don't. Why? Later, I don't know how long it was, I'm suddenly bathed in light as this lady I've seen only hazily, though the curtains, stands by the light switch. She starts screaming as I run out to the backyard, hiding in the tallest tree I can find. It seems like forever, and when I climb down, it's nighttime. I grab food and clothes from inside, knowing I probably wouldn't ever come back. I grab some money, too, and head out. My skin lightens again as I take one last look, then turn and leave, slowly, a single tear falling, finally.

Background info for character this is about
Tentacled form(now, there's a big hint as to his future...): Dark skin and black eyes
Human: Tan, with dark, dark brown eyes.
Both: Spiky blonde hair, tall side of average, average weight, closer to thin.

Name: Kato
Lives: With boyfriend/roommate Kanan.

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