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Brains! and In the Land of the Dead by Voltaire
Another one Bites the Dust.
Do it or Die by Die Mannequin.
Last Man Standing by Hammerfall.
Stand my Ground by Within Temptation.
Dying is Fine - Ra Ra Riot
We Just Won't Be Defeated - The Go! Team.
Army of the Immortals by Manowar.
Army of the Dead part 1 by Manowar, again.
Kids with Guns and Every Planet we Reach is Dead by the Gorillaz. Last Living Souls and Demon Days too.
The entire Scary Solstice line of Lovecraft christmas songs.
[21:03] AmetsuchiKidate: Be Prepared from Lion King.
Battle of Fire from Figure 17 and all of the Final Fantasy villian themes.
I Think I Can and Little Buster from FLCL.
The Doom Song and theme from Invader Zim.
This is Halloween and Oogie Boogie's song.
All the tracks I have from Coraline. (Ghost Children, End credits theme, Dreaming, and Installation)
Du Reichst so Gut by Rammstein, as a song titled "You smell so good" is perfect.
The theme song for The Thing.
That song from Robot Unicorn Attack.
Headstrong by Trapt.
Host of Seraphim by Dead can Dance
Dick in a Box for the lulz.
The violin score Devil's Trill from Yami no Matsuei.
The entire Repo soundtrack.
All the Silent hill soundtracks I have (about 7)

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