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Note: There have been previous problems with Dick that are not mentioned in the log, but they include, among other things, calling any woman who disagrees with him a 'bitch', chasing people out of the room by hounding and insulting them, and making the comment that if one of his kids ever ended up with depression he'd kick them out of the house with no support (and no, money doesn't count) at 18.

Dicky McDicker: CHRIS LET IT OUT YOU Nub
Chris: omg
Chris: im not a nub DX
Chris: -crys-
Chris: Dicky McDicker UR A FUCKIN DICK DXX
Dark: -hugs chris-
Me: *groan*
Dark: Dicky McDicker yu ass
Me: This is not news.
Me: At all.
Me: Dicky McDicker has no 'wait, maybe I shouldn't say this' process.
Dicky McDicker: lol
Dicky McDicker: what i do chris
Chris: ur a fuckin dick Dicky McDicker.
Chris: u know that.
Dicky McDicker: you always call me that -.-
Chris: im like crying now..
Chris: .-.
Dark: hw rude Dicky McDicker
Blonde: -hugs chris- dont cry chris ._.
Dicky McDicker: fuck this im out
Me: That's because you're a dick dude.
Me: waah wahh go then
Dark: lmao Dicky McDicker we r jokin
Dicky McDicker has left the chat
Dark: wow effin ass
Chris: v.v
Dark: lol Kay (me)
Blonde: it's okay chris, Dicky McDicker doesnt mean half the stuff he says.
Chris: i hope he is happy.
Chris: he just made me cry v.v
Dark: -liks chris cheek-
Dark: feel better?
Chris: nu v.v
Blonde: >.>

August: Dicky McDicker be a nice boy
Me: Start shit again and you'll be taking a twenty minute break in the cooloff corner.
Dicky McDicker: really so its my fault ? I was just joking with him and he flips out
Dicky McDicker: He over exaggerates
Me: And yeah, Dicky McDicker, being a dick as a joke and having it fall flat isn't the fault of the person you were joking about.
Dicky McDicker: I wasnt being a dick
Dicky McDicker: so leave me alone
Me: Except the entire room thought so.
Me: and lol when aren't you?
Dicky McDicker: i'll talk to him in a room Kay (me) doesnt have a star in cause
Dicky McDicker: Kay stfu i don't need your fucking side comments
Me: Bite me.

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