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Just what is up with today, why is there so much suck?

Why exactly is it I'm banned from a room I liked because I booted someone who I didn't know was the friend of the owner from being a dramatastic bitch?

Yeah, cuz asking someone repeatedly "lol why do you follow the rules", even if you are the owner's friend, isn't worth being booted over, even when you do get in the face of two of the mods because they're asking you to follow the rules of a room. And apparently the mod who booted 'em is the one worth permanently banning from the room. Because the person I booted isn't talking to the room owner anymore and omg it's all my fault for booting a bitch.

And I do admit that purposely inviting guys in so the one of the owner's other friends can get her aggression out was a stupid move since it's a girl's only room.

But I'm not gonna fucking apologize for getting upset over someone getting offended that I was offended over them choosing the name 'kikey'.

And I can't even explain the first situation to her because she's goddamned blocked me from contacting her.

And despite the room owner's arguments, it was NOT her name I was upset over, it was the fact that she chose 'kikey' as an alternate spelling.

Fuck, I'm still shaking over this.

And she definitely saw what I was getting at. "Well, maybe she didn't know!" Yeah, and a five year old that says the n word cuz they've heard it at home is totes innocent too.

"Intent, it's fucking magic."

Screw it, I'm just gonna go hang out with people I know don't care how much of a bitch I can be.

GDI, and now one of the few people I enjoyed talking to in that room refuses to talk to me.

I'm not gonna goddamn apologize for doing my damn job by booting out the owner's friend.

Though doing the other mod a favor by purposely inviting in guys was stupid, though for some reason she has the idea that I invited them in just to boot 'em.

And she still won't talk to me!

Screw it, if doing my goddamn job is enough for her to cut all ties with me she's not fucking worth my time.

Nope, still not talking to me apparently. Well fuck her, I've got plenty of awesome friends here.

Oh, and here's the log with the owner's friend. Make your own decisions as to this.

C: ty d...take off ur jaket n ill take off my dress lol

D: hmm tempting lets see: is that a promise?

C: A2..said she luvs u

A: oh yea theres arule in this room, no rp

D: what is RP?

C: um...sure...i promise...u first lol

A: roleplaying

D: ok then

Me: ERP, cyber, sexting.

D: what is RP tho

C: cybering i think

D: i might break arule XP

Me: And JSYK roleplaying and ERP is not the same thing. RP = roleplaying, usually, in these rooms, in the sense of playing out sex.

D: oh

A: yea there we go

D: i dont even know how to LOL

A: i hadda brain fart

D: oh

C: i think we were D

D: that makes me very smart now i know what :p that is we was O_O?

C: lol..pretty tame tho

D: LMAO very subtle

A: lol K (me)

D: so if we roleplay its valid

A: yes

D: oh.. but i understood roleplay as... acting out to be like a furry or something ..

C: we were talikin bout bein naked

D: or dressing up like cozplay japanese anime cosplay oh

C: i think

D: okay

C: maybe not allowed

D: dont worry i wont try to abuse ur pixels LOL

C: hey D..lets add friends?

A: other than tht respect everyone n have fun pretty much

C: oh u can abuse my pixels D lol

D: LOL u always follow the rules A?

A: mhm

D: really?

A: well in here ya

A2: you are a good dancer

A: n ty A2 if that was to me

C: sent friend request D

Me: It's not a good idea to piss off the mods here, even if you are friends with 'em or more.

A2: yes it was

D: ok cammie thank you

Me: Right A?

D: i will add you

A: u r too

C: cool

A2: thanks

A2: and you sooo hit

A: right

D: oh im pissing her off?

A2: i mean hot

A: so thats y i respect the rules

Me: Just letting you know why A follows the rules of the room.

H: brb, gotta reset, my audio died.

D: relax okay

Me: Relax why?

D: i dont cyber nor do i go around naked

DB: lmao

Me: I'm plenty relaxed.

D: jesus. because of ur defensive tone

DB: what is happening?

Me: Sheez, why you getting all up in my face, D?

A: she doesnt have one thats just K (me)

D: nothing div i dont care about ur face

A: donttouch

Me: Why should I be defensive in a room I don't have to defend myself in?

D: mind ur business ill mind mine. lol

Me: Oh, yeah, and I'm the one being defensive here, right.

D: oh sarcasm

A: be nice act ur age D

S: wow

Me: I am minding my business jsyk, considering my job here is to help enforce the rules.

D: u will tell me how to act? i can reply i have that right are u for real okay...

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