Feb. 1st, 2011

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As you all by now know, IMVU has instituted a new policy that all trigger songs are to be forcibly limited to twenty seconds. While I understand the legality of making this policy, I am unable to personally hear other people's mixes due to being stuck on dial-up while at home. If anyone out there is in the same situation as I am, feel free to make use of the link above.

IMVU has been a good program to me this past year. I've met so many people there that I don't want to be forced out of contact with because of this new update, and as such I am willingly going back to an older version of IMVU. Granted, the controls on release 424 are odd, and it looks clunky. But I am willing to put up with that simply because I love the atmosphere provided on IMVU, and I love the people I have met there.
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This was about a year after this particular friend had moved out of state, so we had no contact outside of IM.

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